Magnificent 1970's Leonard Dress LU3461787473

Magnificent 1970's Leonard Dress LU3461787473

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Presented here is a stunning Leonard dress from the 1970's. The dress is an intricate geometric jewel tone design with vibrant shades of red, orange, purple and green tones. There is a matching belt that accompanies the dress. The 2 inch cuff in purples and greens has two red buttons. The dress made of 100% polyamide so there is some stretch throughout the dress. The dress is signed 'Leonard Paris' throughout the body of the design on the dress.

The shoulder to shoulder length of the dress is 15 inches. The bust of the dress is 34 inches. The total length of the dress is 41 inches. The shoulder to wrist length is 25 inches. The waist is 28 inches and the hip is 34 inches. The length of the adjustable belt which loops through a square closure is 35.5 inches. There is give to all these measurements as the polyamide material adds some stretch to the dress. There is no sizing on the dress, but I would say the sizing is a current US size 6. Although there are half inch seams where the dress could be let out a bit. Also note, there is a 2.25 inch hem.

A stunning example of vintage Leonard at its finest. The dress has been beautifully preserved keeping the colors vibrant and must. It is a museum worthy example of fashion history. Dress is in excellent condition with little to no signs of wear throughout. Made in France.

Magnificent 1970's Leonard Dress LU3461787473