1920s Raoul Dufy style Silk Velvet Dress LU1612948502

1920s Raoul Dufy style Silk Velvet Dress LU1612948502

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This is a lovely blue silk afternoon dress from the mid-1920s. The sheer base fabric is embellished from the bust to the knees and around the lower arms with beautiful chestnut-brown voided velvet. The velvet is cut in an abstract geometric pattern very much so in the style of Poiret's favorite textile designer Raoul Dufy. The dynamic effect of the velvet pattern is heightened by the raised texture of the silky nap, which allows light to shimmer over it and turn it to burnished copper against the matte silk. The line of the hips is accented with little jeweled chains to add some definition to the body's shape, while the rest of the dress hangs smoothly from the shoulders. A doubled layer of the silk around the scoop neckline falls into a large, drapey bow, and the full sleeves are gathered into silk cuffs. The tea-length hem and modest styling are balanced by the sheer fabric and open neckline. This dress was not meant as formalwear in the 1920s, but the sumptuous materials make it a perfect choice for going out today. The fabric is stung and wearable, please note the photos in regards to condition. No matter how you choose to wear it, you can revel in its comfortable shape, excellent construction, and stunning design.

1920s Raoul Dufy style Silk Velvet Dress LU1612948502